KEYBOARD: Corsair K70
HEADSET: SteelSeries Siberia


The only Romanian to ever grace the highest competitive League of Legends echelon, Andrei started his journey as any other highly skilled EUW player – solo queue. Rising rapidly through the ranks in Seasons 2 and 3, he began playing in the challenger scene and eventually became part of Cloud 9 Eclipse. Proving himself to be an LCS calibre top laner, our “wall in the North” joined H2K and qualified for Europe’s number one league. Since then, Odoamne has always been in the talks about the elite top laners hailing from Europe.


His nickname comes from the Romanian phrase "O, Doamne!" which translates to "Oh my God!".
While playing the Challenger Series, some people mistook him for TheOddOne, writing things in Twitch Chat like "Oddone in EU?"

Andrei ‘Odoamne’ Pascu


KEYBOARD: Roccat Ryos TKL Pro
HEADSET: SteelSeries Siberia


Marcin has proven himself as the best jungler to ever come out of Poland. Striking at the heart of Europe’s superstars, Jankos and his team demolished NiP to make their LCS debut in early 2014 and shocked pundits, viewers and fans. Since then, the Pole has earned the moniker “First Blood King” and wears it with confidence like non-other. A true dynamo behind the H2K line-up, you can never count out Jankos.


Wanted to be a teacher when he was younger.
Hates Riven.
Identifies Chuck Norris as his role model.

Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski


MOUSE: Flick g1 Fnatic gear
KEYBOARD: Fnatic Gear Rush pro gaming keyboard blue key


Starting his journey in solo queue, no one knew the tremendous potential that hid in Fabian. The Dutch was first recognized in Season 3 and the moment Season 4 hit, everyone knew he wasn't going to stop until he got into the LCS. Relentlessly crushing every opposing team in the Challenger Series, Febiven and H2K qualified for the LCS with all eyes on our mid laner. Two years later, Fabian is back home with the H2K Family where it all started, but now as an experienced star - one who has been in playoffs, finals and most importantly, Worlds.


His name is a combination of Fabian and Riven with a small change in the second letter to sound "cooler".
Ironically, the only team to deny Febiven a Worlds spot was H2K.
Initially starting as an assassin player, Febiven is now known as an all-rounder with excellent micro mechanics.
Only Western player to solo kill Faker in an official match.

Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten


MOUSE: Corsair M45
KEYBOARD: Corsair K70+


Shin “Nuclear” Jung-hyun is the youngest member of our new line-up. Described by his Korean compatriots as a diamond in the rough, the AD Carry had to fight his way through the lower end of the LCK on multiple occasions. The youngster has proven to have what it takes to play against the absolute best as he beat ROX Tigers and took a game off SKT in last year's KeSPA cup. Now, Shin has made a brave choice to step away from home and play in Europe together with the H2K Family. We have the utmost confidence in Nuclear and believe in his talents, mindset and character.


Scored the first ever pentakill of the KeSPA Cup against the ROX Tigers.
He and his former support in SBENU - Wadid, will meet in the EU LCS as the latter is now in ROCCAT.
Nuclear shares a birthday with the SM mastermind of H2K - 19th May.

Shin “Nuclear” Jung-hyun


MOUSE: Razer Deathadder


Despite being only 20, Chei is a true veteran of the OGN/LCK. His loyalty and potential were showcased in Jin Air where he stayed for 3 years before transferring to the H2K Family in search for more success. Known as an experienced and mechanically gifted player, Chei enjoys playing Nami and Thresh to the best of his ability, but is also not afraid to go to other picks if the meta or composition requires it. Pairing him with the youngster Nuclear, we eagerly await to see how the first ever Korean bot lane in EU will perform.


Has a pet parrot.
Has played with both ohQ, Cpt. Jack and current World Champion Bang.
Has known and hung out with Nuclear outside of the game predating their time on H2K.

Choi “Chei” Seon-ho


MOUSE: Razor Naga
KEYBOARD: Razor BlackWidow
HEADSET: SteelSeries Siberia


After a lengthy career as a player in North America, pr0lly decided to take the plunge into coaching and moved to Europe in late 2014. Since then he has established himself as one of the finest macro-oriented coaches in the West, taking H2K to double top 4 placings in Europe and a Worlds participation. Striving to improve daily and diversify his strategic repertoire, pr0lly is the general to our LoL troops.


Wanted to be a teacher when he was younger.
Hates Riven.

Neil ‘pr0lly’ Hammad



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H2K (Hard to Kill) belongs to a small group of early esports organizations that contracted professional players before the live-streaming revolution.

Our League of Legends team has been among the most consistent and successful teams in the World. For three consecutive years, we have finished in the top three in the European LCS. In 2016, H2K was the only Western team to reach the semi-finals of the World Championship held at Madison Square Garden in NY City after emerging as the number 1 seed from its group in San Francisco and winning its quarter final match in Chicago.

Today, we boast a board and management team to rival the best in the industry. Our CEO was the former CFO for Kanye West's West Brands while our Board members range from a former founding partner at a prestigious law firm to a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Together with a management team comprised of esports veterans, H2K seeks to be the world's best esports franchise both inside and out of the games we compete in.

H2K is proud of its commitment to our talent; providing competitive salaries, best in class living conditions and a dedicated creative media team for our committed pro-players. Supported by some of the most engaged and loyal fans in the games we play makes H2K one of the fastest growing organizations in esports.

Unlike traditional major league sport teams, esport teams do not generally have mature veteran players or coaches to give guidance to the younger players. H2K recognizes this and believes it has a special responsibility to provide the young players, who are away from home, with the support system they need to grow emotionally so they are comfortable with both themselves and the outside world.

  • Mitchell Blatt

    Board Member
  • Shayne Gary

    Board Member
  • Stan Levy

    Board Member
  • David Lippe

    Co-Chairman of the Board
  • Richard Lippe

    Co-Chairman, General Counsel, Director of Special Projects
  • Susan Tully

  • Richard Wells

    Chief Gaming Officer
  • Javier Zafra de Jáudenes

    Director of Operations and Team Management

At H2K we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong relationship with our fan base and never shying away from conversation. If you have any question, inquiry or simply require information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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